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Hi! We are Vaibhav Sharma and Rupal Gupta, two individuals with a passion of self employment, but now we are one,  To supply our readers what they really wants to read. Among us one loves to use the technology and other loves space. But, for us our readers means everything who believe on us with pure mind and pure heart. We can make you believe that we will remain always together for our readers and for ourselves too. Apart from this professional relationship we are Super Best Friend ( We call ourselves ). 

Our Qualifications -

Both of us are still student and learning new things everyday.
We are doing our B.Tech from RDEC, Ghaziabad.

About Our Website -

This Website is Powered by Bloggers and we are using a free domain which is provided by Freenom ( Alagquotes.ga ).

On this website, we try to provide our readers proper information about they wants to get from here.

Our Other websites - 

Curious Youth :-  If a person does not have a curiosity to know about new things,then their mind will stop growing.

Alag Codes :- A Website which provide great information about technical things, codes, and basic programming. 
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